Proficiency in the Professionals: Solving the Issue

The Adderall issue has become a rampant event among the students in today’s colleges. Young adolescents have turned to these substances to cope with the increasing pressures of young adulthood and suffer the consequences as a result. How exactly do we solve this issue? Although several solutions have been proposed to solve the Adderall abuse issue, the real solution lies in retraining the professionals who prescribe these medications because they are the source of the Adderall supply.

The therapists and physicians who are assigned to diagnose children with ADHD and similar conditions are not as accurate as they could be in their diagnosis. This is why re-education is the way to achieve a solution to the issue. Retraining is defined as refreshening the skills of medical professionals and updating their practices to maintain efficiency. The current issue with professionals in the diagnosis field is that they have become sloppy and uninformed in their occupation. Patients consult these doctors, therapists, physicians, and other experts to give a diagnosis. These experts incorrectly diagnose their patients with Adderall or view medication as a quicker and simple solution to treating ADHD instead of opting for therapy and gradual adjusting. The doctors of today would rather pump adolescents with chemicals before even entertaining the thought of non-altering methods of aid.  This leads to an overflow of incorrect prescriptions which leads to more Adderall in the hands of college students as manufacturers meet demand.   

The solution to this would be to encourage the Department of Health to revise the list of symptoms that warrant an ADHD diagnosis and retrain those who have the power to diagnosis with a focus on ADHD. A minimization of incorrect diagnosis would lead to a decrease in Adderall demand. A decrease in Adderall demand leads to a decrease in supply which then decrease the amount of Adderall in circulation (legally and illegally). True sufferers of ADHD  are not inconvenienced by these changes and correct diagnosis prevents incorrect medication. One might ask, “But my child no longer qualifies as an ADHD sufferer yet I believe he/she suffers from it!” Although doctors are trained under the established medical guidelines, that does not prevent opinions from forming. Parents and young adults are free to search for differing opinions on their diagnosis, they are not limited to one doctor’s idea.       

One solution that has been offered is to increase the process of obtaining Adderall from the pharmacy. This would discourage abusers from faking ADHD to achieve a prescription. However, it inconveniences those who actually suffer ADHD and rely on the drug to carry out their day. It is unfair to those who are using stimulants properly to have to accept new restrictions on their prescriptions, especially when considering that the abundance of Adderall is due to incorrect diagnoses. Picture this scenario, Jack suffers from ADHD so severe that he does not hesitate in picking up his prescription every other Thursday. A new development in the prescription process occurs due to Adderall abusers. Now Jack has to wait another day or two for his prescription. Jack becomes increasingly anxious and he turns to alternatives to fix himself. These alternatives do not achieve the same effect and Jack remains unstable.

The other solution to this problem would be to increase the surveillance of Adderall abuse in the institutions themselves. Increase security around the campus, examinations before significant exams, and campaigns discouraging its abuse. However, this does not prevent students from ingesting the drug before arriving at campus. Would the careful examination as mentioned before counteract this? That requires the training of staff who would perform such examinations. This would require time and money which is something not every institution has the luxury of possessing. This solution also fails to acknowledge those who actually suffer from ADHD. Will they be harassed each time they ingest their prescription? A recording of each ADHD sufferer would be necessary and would contribute to the ineffectiveness of this solution.

The Adderall abuse epidemic has no celebrities or recognizable faces to help the cause. Prescription drugs are often overlooked by society because they are legally distributed. Media also tends to popularize illegal drug abuse over prescription drug abuse. What was the last movie to feature Adderall abuse as a plot point? Due to this, it is a harder battle to fight, a battle which requires the establishment of this issue as significant to society. It is up to the informed to encourage a return of proficiency to the professionals.

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