About Me

Self Portrait 

It was a Wednesday; my schedule was free from classes that day. I wasn’t planning on
waking up so early. After a night of sitting in front of my computer, the clicking of keyboard
keys filling my room, I was not ready for that morning. I awoke to panicked yelling coming from
the living room and my mother’s room. Since my aunt didn’t know a blurb of English, she and
my mother were exchanging words with each other. I’m not fluent in Spanish myself but I knew
something was wrong. I could only stare blankly at my mother and aunt as they got ready to
leave. My mother gave me instructions for the day, preparing me for several situations. Her
words never landed in my mind, I was too focused on my uncle. I didn’t say a word that
morning, not even a noise. Soon I was left alone with my dog, the two of us sitting in silence.
That silence was not pleasant and possibly the stillest silence I have ever experienced. Although
I wasn’t expecting my dog to say anything, I was still struck with despair. Rose is usually
preoccupied with matters that occupy a dog’s mind. Things such as food and sleep. However,
even she was able to sense my torment, that something was not right within my quiet existence.
Theme Song 
My Best Friends 

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