Final Reflection

Writing More About Very Little

This has been the first dedicated writing class I have taken in several years. I came into this course expecting to be bombarded with formatting lessons and grammar corrections. Instead, this class required much more from me than I expected. First Year Writing taught me the importance of engaging multiple perspectives, which is important because it strengthens my debate skills and solidifies the content of my works.

When Professor Saunders announced the focus of the next three papers to be tied to only one topic, I groaned with frustration. Three papers on the same topic? One paper is enough to tire me from a topic. However, I realized that this was what the class was preparing me for. This realization came to me while I was writing the conclusion to my Analyze the Issue essay.  The second conference, the debate introduced multiple perspectives to a single question. These questions could have been a single sentence yet we managed to have a healthy and lengthy conversation each time. The warm up pictures shown in class, exercises that produced fifteen different perspectives every morning.

One could argue that focusing on one perspective would ensure the quality of that perspective. However, I now believe that multiple perspectives are the key to why many things in our society have lasting impact. Music, movies, and books must be able to be engaged by multiple perspectives to remain relevant and be remembered. I don’t remember some of the early journals I had done in this class but I can remember the exact contents of my Issue essays. This is because I had written extensively and expanded my thinking to multiple approaches.

This is what FYW has taught me and what I will take into future courses.

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