A Letter to My Father

Dear Padre,
College is an environment that has many temptations and escapes. You and Abuelo have always
told me that the worst possible thing I can do to offend you was doing drugs. There is this drug
called Adderall that is very popular among college students like me. Adderall is taken by college
students so they can focus more in school but it has harmful side effects that can ruin the
behavior of its abusers.
I remember hearing the stories about how you were offered drugs in Ecuador, how your friends
had offered some to you as means of relaxation. Adderall is not like these drugs, it can help me
perform well on my tests and achieve those A’s that you’ve always praised me for. I can assure
you I haven’t taken any of these drugs. However, it is surprising how much my fellow classmates
know about Adderall. To be frank Padre, I could probably get my hands on some without having
to look very far.
Your disapproval of drugs is not the only thing that has kept me away from this Academic
Steroid. I’ve researched the side effects of this thing. Not only is it highly addictive but it can
also cause depression and sleep disorders. It can also alter my personality, making me restless
and aggressive. I’m sure you would not want to visit me in a therapist’s office again.
I write this letter to you so that you can see that college is how you described it. It can be an
influential part of a young man’s life that can be positive or negative. I will continue to strive to
keep myself away from this magic pill. All I ask is that you keep your grandson from being
medicated with this same pill.
From Christian

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