Getting Started

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Our Mission: 

The mission of AAA is to encourage students to rely on their own ability and not the concoction of doctors to achieve success.


Manifesto of the AAA 
 Educate yourselves on the effects of continuous Adderall
abuse. This education must come from authorized and peer reviewed articles because
proper education is required to truly realize the dangers.
Recognizing the distribution process is key . Knowing where
one can access this stimulant and how it travels into the wrong hands can aid an
individual in bettering his/her community.
 Recognize mental disorders and anomalies. This can distinguish between
labeling a peer as an abuser or someone who is using the drug in an appropriate manner.
Schedule balancing training. How one can properly balance their schedule to reduce
stress and allow a healthy academic lifestyle. It is possible to excel in the track team
without sacrificing academic success.
Discovering new study techniques. Helping one to recognize successful study methods
that can achieve better results than taking stimulants.
Using alternatives that have non damaging effects on the body to imitate the edge offered
by Adderall. Chewing gum or breathing exercises.
Rediscover the drug’s original purpose. It is
easy to attribute any drugs to negative effects without the proper information. It is
important to realize that Adderall and those like it was created to treat real conditions like ADHD.

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